Privacy notice

Capital Communicators takes your privacy very seriously. This notice explains how the club collects your personal data, how it is used, the conditions under which the data may be disclosed to others and how it’s kept secure. The club may collect your name, address, phone number and email, via our sign-in sheet and membership application. This information is used for a variety of club-related purposes, but mostly to keep you informed of club and organizational news. The information will be retained for as long as you would like it to be, and you always have the right to ask the club to remove any of the information from our records.

We may also need payment information to process dues, which we will quickly dispose of after processing. The club will never sell your data. Your information will not be deliberately shared with a third party for their marketing purposes. World Headquarters, which is located in the United States, will receive your information via the membership application.

The club may use Listserv software (which helps to create an easy to use email recipient list) to organize our communications to you. The club vets these companies in advance to make sure they are compliant with the current laws and regulations, and to make sure they will use your information only for the stated purpose.

In addition to submitting your information to World Headquarters, Capital Communicators keeps its own roster on hand. The information on this roster is kept in a locked or password protected location and is only accessible by the club executive committee.

The data captured through this SSL secured website uses GDPR compliant form technology by WuFoo forms. Guest data is held for six months (unless otherwise instructed by the guest) before deletion from the password protected database. New member data will be held in the database for the duration they remain a member of the club (unless otherwise instructed by the member).

The accuracy of your information is important to us. Should your information change, or should you not want your information stored any longer, please contact the club secretary. You also may request to view your personal data we hold at any time.

You have a choice about how and whether or not you wish to receive information from the club. Please select your choices on the new member application form or contact the club’s committee. If you do not want to receive our updates about the club, organization, or events, then check the box on the new member application form or contact the committee and the club won’t send you any non-essential communications.